Roney International wins #1 sales team for Whelen Engineering’s Mass Notification for 2013

On September 5th, 2013, Whelen Engineering’s Vice President, Phil Kurze, announced that Roney International was the #1 sales team for the Mass Notification Division.

On the heels of another successful year, Roney International once again claimed top prize in the  much anticipated September 5th announcement.

“I have to credit our outstanding network of distributors” says Kelly Roney, Vice President of Roney International.  “We lean on the hard working members of our distributors for much support.  It’s truly a symbiotic relationship.  One that we will continue to rely on in the future going forward”

Covering a large portion of the Eastern US seaboard, Southern United Sates and countries such as Australia, Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, UAE  Roney International has continued to show a penchant for traveling where the customer needs them.

“It’s a big honor, no doubt.” Roney says, “One that we don’t take lightly but not something that we’ll be complacent with either.  Our goal is to grow bigger by developing our network and supporting our distributors.”