Don Roney began representing Whelen Engineering’s Outdoor Mass Emergency Notification Products in 1989 and over the past 22 years has been involved with designing critical mass emergency warning systems for communities, military, industrial and other industries.  The goal for Roney International is to represent companies whose products are used to save lives and minimize property damage.

Currently, Don (President) and son Kelly (Vice-President, Marketing and Sales) are responsible for a large geographical area ranging from Southeast U.S. to Maine, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Mideast and the South Pacific.

Roney International represents only the highest quality products.  Knowing the products we represent perform as they were engineered, allows us to help our customers design the best possible system to meet their particular need.

Roney International is proud to offer products and benefits from:

  • Whelen Engineering
  • Telegrid Technologies

We also offer proprietary products such as mobile mass notification and lightning detection systems.

Whelen Engineering’s outdoor mass notification emergency warning systems are installed around the world and are proven to be dependable
and reliable tools for alerting the masses of a potential hazardous situation.

IRDAM products are rugged and accurate measuring devices that provide wind warnings by reporting the wind speed and direction.  IRDAM’s products are electronic and can be installed in extreme temperature locations ranging from deserts to ice capped mountains.  High winds are a danger to fire fighters, haz-mat experts, motorist traveling through mountain passes, ski lift operators, crane operators as well as military officials.  Military personal rely on critical wind information to increase the accuracy of military weapons.

Roney-International also offers a mobile platform that can include radio repeaters, mass notification voice-sirens and IRDAM’s weather
instruments.  See our brochure by clicking here: Mobile Mass Notification

In addition, Roney-International offers the best lightning detection available.  This lighting detection system delivers alerts via text messages as well as Whelen’s outdoor warning sirens.  This weather system can alert officials of dangerous lightning up to 10 miles away while also providing heat index warnings.  Both warnings can help prevent injuries and loss of life.

Now that you know more about Roney-International, our hope is that you will understand that our heart and desire is to be involved with life saving missions and provide products that assist end-users with similar goals.