Whelen Engineering CEO, John Olson, believes in US manufacturing

Well written article about Whelen Engineering’s longtime CEO and President, John Olson.  He describes his reasons and beliefs on why he believes US manufacturing can make a comeback!

The 100% manufactured in USA is not just a sales tactic but a way of life at Whelen.

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Many in Joplin ignored 1st Tornado warning sirens

In a news release today, a study came out that many folks in involved in the horrific tornado in Joplin, MO this year did not heed the tornado siren’s warning.  It is obvious that people will ignore a siren warning if there have been a number of false alarms.  However, Whelen Engineering High Powered Voice Tornado Warning sirens can advise people if it was a false alarm as well as advise if it is not a false alarm and provide further information as to the emergency.  Interesting article and unfortunately people perished because of assumptions.

The article also mentioned the county is looking into weather alert radios.  Weather radios in every house for every resident is an idea that creates many more questions and many more problems.  Who is repsonsible for the purchase?  Who is responsible for the maintenance (batteries, RF signal, outlet power, etc)?  Who is responsible for giving the weather radios to new residents?  What about when someone moves out of town?  Where does that radio go?

Please call or email us here to talk more thoroughly about the benefits of using Whelen High Powered Voice Tornado Warning sirens.

Roney International to attend AUSA Conference in Washington, D.C.

Roney International is proud to announce their attendance at the 2011 Association of the US Army conference in Washington, D.C.  The dates for this year’s conference is October 10-12 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

We can discuss the exciting benefits of our new mesh network (Telegrid’s WZRDnet), outdoor Giant Voice systems (Whelen) and tank/frontline weather sensors (IRDAM).

For more information call Kelly at 615-429-9640 or email Roney International at info@roney-international.com