Community Solutions

Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters are and always will be a concern for our community emergency managers.  No one wants to be responsible for the loss of life so we do all we can to mitigate such tragedies.  Through the use of mass notification, we can help alert and inform the public to remove them from danger.

To achieve your community solution goals, do you know the questions to ask?  Roney International is here to help!  We do know the questions and the answers to customize the best community solution to fit your needs.  Please contact us at 615-429-9640 or email us at for a consultation. Also, you can begin by asking yourself:

  • What is your primary purpose for the product?

WeatherChemical Hazardous MaterialHuman Threat,  Fire

  • What is the size of the area?
  • What is the local terrain like?
  • What is the ambient noise level?
  • Type of activation needed.  How do you plan to activate the system?
  • What other needs do you require from this system?

Roney-International can assist the end-user with the design of their emergency warning or weather information system as well as train our distributors to provide this service.  Our goals as manufactures representatives include assisting the end-user by properly designing the best system that meets your needs and developing a distributor base market for the products we represent.  We believe that well trained local distributors provide the best service to the end-user.

For more information, you can also visit Whelen’s WE plan or contact us at 615-429-9640.