Chemical Hazardous Material


Whelen WPS Series Haz Chem siren with solar on-site

Accidents happen.  But when the accident involves dangerous chemicals, how do you alert those in the immediate danger zone?  We can design your community alarm system to help you provide the area with a wide, multi-purpose warning.  This system will provide a warning to the community, or anyone in imminent danger, of a hazardous material spill.  The system can also warn of any emergency created by nature.

When should you consider having a multi-purpose outdoor warning system?
  1. If your community is dissected by or is near a major railway.
  2. If your community is located in or near an industrial facility that uses dangerous and hazardous chemicals.
  3. If your community receives commercial truck carriers that transport dangerous and hazardous chemicals.
  4. If your community has major highways and/or Interstates that transports commuters and commercial goods.

In addition to the warning, we can provide your mobile command with accurate weather information to increase the safety of your emergency first responders and improve your overall community warning.  Our mobile communications system is trailer mounted and can be delivered to the danger area.  The mobile system* can be equipped with radio repeater equipment to assist in communicating in remote areas, powerful area lighting, IRDAM wind measuring devices that will provide accurate local wind speed and direction data and a Whelen high-power voice & siren system.  The voice-siren can deliver live public address messages and deliver prerecorded voice messages.

*View our mobile command unit brochure by clicking here: Mobile Mass Notification