Human Threat

Unfortunately we live in a world where we are always exposed to dangers purposely created by humans. Regardless of your community’s past need for an area wide warning, the threat from international or local radicals is real.  The problem many communities have found is that after a human caused hazard has been created, cellular and landline telephones can become overloaded to a point they fail.  Should the event create a power outage, there is only one method to deliver information and additional warning and that is by means of a high-power voice and siren warning system.

With the use of pre-recorded and live PA messages, the Whelen WPS2900 Series Outdoor Warning system can provide real-time information and communication during- and post- emergency.  See WPS2900_Series

Many times the concern of the emergency management official is “How do you provide a stand-alone, outdoor warning system, in highly populated areas, without disturbing the aesthetics of the environment.  Roney-International can provide products that are aesthetically designed to provide the necessary warning without disturbing the beauty of the community.  The MetrAlert was designed to not look like a siren and blend into the background.  This system delivers powerful siren tones, live and prerecorded voice messages, visual warning and battery powered area lighting.