Providing quick and effective warnings due to natural causes is critical for saving lives and mitigating property damage.  We have designed mass outdoor warning systems used for early warning against the threats of tornados, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and lightning.  In addition to the early warning, our design may be your only method of post emergency communication.

There are many ways to receive weather warnings and these include outdoor sirens, local TV & radio, National Weather Service radio receivers, text messages and emails.  However, no single method will meet all of your needs.  Many types of people- senior citizens, visitors, low income families, anyone outdoors- cannot be asked to provide their own warning system.  Often times elderly citizens do not use text messaging services and a number of families cannot afford to purchase their own weather radios.  Many cities and counties have found it logistically impossible to maintain weather radios provided to low income housing areas due to their lack of permanent housing.

The concept of alerting by means of a loud audible noise is as old as nature.  Animals alert each other by loud warning calls.  Since we were babies, we have been warned of impending danger by a parent that shouted the warning.  Outdoor warning is natural, easy to interrupt and does not discriminate. By combining the many forms of alerting technologies that include text messages, telephone calling systems, local TV & radio and outdoor warning, your area is better able to receive the warning.  However, with regard to the many methods, an outdoor warning siren is the only method designed specifically to alert those outdoors.

Whelen WPS Series

Whelen WPS Series with solar and VisuAlert being installed