WPS2903 installed by Whelen Nippon in Japan

As Roney International continues to  expand, one of our main priorities is to develop and support our growing number of international distributors.  As within the United States, the idea and philosophy of alert and inform does not change despite the location or culture.

Providing quick and effective warnings due to natural causes is critical for saving lives and mitigating property damage.  We have designed mass outdoor warning systems used for early warning against the threats of tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and lightning.  In addition to the early warning, our design may be your only method of post emergency communication.

The WPS2900 Series Outdoor Warning products are designed to be effective in all types of environments as well as speak any language.  The omni-directional, battery powered systems assure the public of getting the correct information in the matter of seconds.  This gives emergency management officials the response time needed to help save lives during life threatening events.

To achieve your community solution goals, do you know the questions to ask?  Roney International is here to help!  We do know the questions and the answers to customize the best community solution to fit your needs.  For INTERNATIONAL inquiries, please contact us at 615-481-3132 or email us at for a consultation. Also, you can begin by asking yourself:

  • What is your primary purpose for the product?

Weather,  Chemical Hazardous Material,  Human Threat,  Fire

  • What is the size of the area?
  • What is the local terrain like?
  • What is the ambient noise level?
  • Type of activation needed.  How do you plan to activate the system?
  • What other needs do you require from this system?