Mobile Command

Roney International's Mobile Command Unit

Roney International’s Mobile Command unit provides immediate, site specific Giant Voice mass alerting capabilities.  Communication is an important link between front-line personal and the information that is being gathered elsewhere.  In the case of military applications, it means getting the right alert to the right people at the right time.

With Roney International’s Mobile Command unit, we utilize the benefits of the Whelen WPS2900 High Powered Giant Voice systems along with military grade trailers to provide a flexible mass alerting system.  The WPS2900 Series uses battery power to broadcast pre-recorded and live PA messages.  The dual-axle military grade trailer has available winch with tower heights ranging from 20′ to 100′.  The trailer can be equipped with high-powered work lights, antennas for RF functionality, IRDAM Military Weather Sensors among many other items.

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