Old Technology? Don’t tell Whelen’s WPS2900 Series it’s old!

With today’s advancement of technology  and information sharing, the argument we often hear is that outdoor mass notification is simply out-dated and termed “old technology”.   While the concept of alerting a large area via an audible alert is most certainly millions of years old, the idea that it has no use in today’s world is quite untrue.

Case in point- after Hurricane Irene swept through almost the entire eastern seaboard, hundreds of thousands of people were left stranded without power, cell phone and Internet service.  This makes it very difficult for emergency managers to communicate properly during a time of emergency.

So what makes the most sense?  Outdoor warning via Whelen’s WPS2900 Series high-powered voice siren systems.  In the absence of power and telecommunications, each coastal town equipped with this system had the ability to ALERT and INFORM their public of important announcements.

These systems are designed, engineered  and tested to withstand the harshest of conditions including hurricane force winds.  It is not up to the public to seek out the information being provided with outdoor mass notification (such as the case with cell phones, Internet or TV), the information is simply broadcasted for all to hear.

So while there are many ways of sharing and collecting information these days, the tried and true method of outdoor warning proves once again that it’s the reliable source in an emergency!


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